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Fresh Truffles

Our very own truffle hunter, Franco, scours all of Italy with his 8 dogs, and networks with truffle hunters all over the peninsula. White truffles of the Crete Senesi (clay hills of Siena) vie with truffles from Alba in goodness. Each season brings a different kind of truffle: Scorzone in late winter, then bianchetto in the spring, followed by the prized Tartufo Bianco in the warmer season.


We guarantee the highest quality and freshness, and if you can use what the season brings, a supply of different truffles all year round. And, if you have your own estate, or can develop events in a National Park, we can organise a truffle hunt in Britain, with Franco's trained hounds, now that the dogs can travel.


Contact us for details.




Antichi Dolci di Siena - Panforte and Panpepato - 4Kg 200gr.
Two versions of a medieval spice Cake, still traditionally produced in the area. In the UK we are familiar with the miniature individual versions, produced by the larger industries, while the large 4Kg. wheels have a different consistency. This small firm produces the large 'wheels' of spice cake weighing nearly 9.5 lbs!! They are chock-a-block with nuts and candied peels, and are eaten in thin slivers off the 2.5 inch rounds. They are distinguished by their combination of spicing, and a very little flour to hold the solid block of almonds, candied peels and honey together. The Panpepato is actually spiced with pepper, as well as half a dozen other spices. Makes a good, easy dessert, perhaps accompanied by a light mousse for contrast.


S. Benedetto, Organic Fruit Conserves
Produced according to traditional family recepies, with mostly fruit from their organic farm. These conserves/jams are slowly simmered on live fire for a long period directly after having been picked., using an astounding 250 gr. of fruit or more for each 100 gr. of jam. (high fruit content in Britain is 35-100 gr. per 100 gr. of jam) gives a concentrated flavour, and thick consistency. It is virtually boiled down fruit in proportion to 3 times its weight of fruit for each jar. Certified Organic.


No added sugar 380 gr.
Wild Plum, Apple, Figs, Cherries, Quince with grape

No added sugar 780 gr.
This size is available for Plum only

Little sugar added (10-20%) 380 gr.
Plum, Peach, Apricot, Cherry, Quince, blackberries, Orange

Soft fruits, little sugar added (10-20%) 120 gr
Blueberries, rasberries , redcurrants, chestnuts, figs




The Natural Coffee Company hand roasts and packs only the finest ethical coffees from some of the world's best coffee producing countries, which are either Soil Association approved, carry the Fairtrade mark or are certified by the Rainforest Alliance, or a combination of these. Coffees from around the world are selected for quality and unique flavours, maintaining their individual characteristics often lost in mass production. All coffees are open-roasted and packed to order ensuring freshness for the end user. We have selected special blends with deep, dark roasts, but coffees can be roasted to specifications. Available in packs of 250 gr. for retailers, and beans for caterers packed to specification in 500 gr. 1 Kg, or 1.5 Kg. packages.


Dark Roast - Ethical Edibles Original Blend (Sumatra, Santos, Robusta)
a rich full flavoured coffee with a strong aftertaste.


Rainforest Guatemala Finca Oriflama (Rainforest Alliance approved)
A single estate coffee of great character and aroma.


Continental blend Sumatra/Brasil espresso blend.
a dark roasted blend of Colombian, Tanzanian and Santos, having a strong heavy flavour, suitable for experienced espresso drinkers.


Dark Roast - Swiss Water Decaffeinated see below, org/Fairtrade


Organic and Fair Trade Coffees

Freedom Blend
Espresso coffee is a blend of Sumatran, Costa Rica and Columbian beans carefully balanced and roasted to produce a smooth, full-bodied coffee, with no bitter aftertaste.


Sumatran Dark Roast
Grown close to Lake Tawa amongst volcanic mountains, this coffee is slowly roasted to develop a rich chocolaty flavour, leaving a smooth, velvety aftertaste.


Organic Decaffeinated
Premium arabica coffee, 100% chemical free, using Swiss Water process decaffeination, maintaining its flavour intact. *****


Brasil Sumatra
…. Strong and creamy, Italian blend.


Speciality Coffees (not organic)

Monsoon Malabar
Single Origin Coffees
Brazilian, Excelso, El Salvador, Guatemalan, Honduras, Mexican, Mysore, Nicaraguan, Papuan, Sumatran Ling Tong…. Details on request.


Brazilian, Breakfast, Connoisseur blends
Far East, Central American, African, Indian coffees, including Kopi Luak (Civet Cat), Blue Mountain Jamaican, Kona Hawaii, Yauco Selecto and Yemeni Matari - please ask for details on request.


Chocolate covered Coffee Beans

Ideal finish to "sweeten" the bill or accompany after-dinner coffee.
Amaretto Dark Chocolate, Plain Dark Chocolate (Espresso) £8.80/Kg. + VAT
Cappuccino Chocolate £9.35 + VAT